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The BASICS of Home Hair Colouring

14 Dec 2022
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We just LOVE being in control of our colour's destiny. To be able to whip up a mixture, apply and process it while catching up on Netflix is undoubtedly one of life's great accomplishments?!

Fast forward to the post-blow dry, where you comb your fingers through your hair, thinking – 'I did this! And it didn't cost me my whole month's salary!' 

Oh, the satisfaction! 





It's time to stop putting your colour dreams on hold and make them come true. And you can, thanks to the NEW JUSTICE Professional Ammonia FREE Take Home Hair Colour!

Let's get colouring with our 5 simple steps to colouring your hair at home.

Before diving in, read the box instructions closely, especially to see how long the processing time will be. And don't wash your hair right before colouring. It's better to colour your hair when dirty to prevent scalp sensitivity.

Step 1: Choose Your Shade

A general rule of thumb: when using a permanent hair colour, stay within two shades of your natural colour. And, if you're after a lighter look, we recommend moving only one shade away from your natural colour. 

Choosing the perfect hair colour can be tricky, so we've made it easy with our NEW 2 MINUTE COLOUR QUIZ! 


HOT TIP! If you have lovely long locks, you should always buy at least two boxes of colour to ensure you have enough to cover your whole head. 

Step 2: Prep!

Always apply your hair colour in the bathroom. The surfaces are resistant, and any spills can be quickly cleaned up. 

You'll also want to change into an old button-down shirt that you don't care about staining and cover the floor with old towels. Gather all your tools on the bathroom counter, including the home hair colour box, gloves (inside the box!) clips to section your hair, a comb, some vaseline, and makeup remover wipes (you'll see why in a minute!). 

Step 3: Strand test

Before colouring your whole head, you should test the colour first to ensure you're not allergic. Pick a small section of hair at the nape of your neck and apply the product for 30-35 minutes to see if your skin becomes irritated. It's also a great way to see what the colour will look like and ensure you are happy with the results. 

Step 4: Create a barrier

This is where the vaseline comes in! Prevent any skin staining by applying it along your hairline. This creates a barrier that hair colour can't penetrate. If you do happen to get any hair colour on your skin, which can occur, you can erase it instantly with your makeup remover wipes. You can also use an exfoliating face wash to eliminate any colour that makes it past your barrier! 

Step 5: Section

It's time to get colouring! To begin, part your hair down the middle, and create four sections from ear to ear and down the back. Use your sectioning clips to keep the sections apart. Taking the time to create sections will save time in the long run and give you greater accuracy when applying colour.

Going section by section, apply your colour at the roots first, and then comb it through the rest of your strands with a wide tooth comb.

When you get to the back sections of your hair, separate them into smaller sections and flip your hair towards the front after applying.

Then, all you have to do is wait 30-35 minutes for your colour to develop! Rinse, wash and apply the complimentary (BEST SELLING) JUSTICE Professional Smooth and Groom Conditioner for silky smooth locks.

Now flip, and glow!

DON'T FORGET to write down the colour shade on your Just Cuts Prescription Pad and stick it on the fridge for a quick and easy reference for the next time you colour.

Remember: take it slow, follow the instructions, and you'll be colouring your hair like a pro in no time!

And as always, our fully qualified and professional Stylists are here to help. So, if you've got questions, just ask next time you pop into your local Just Cuts Salon

No appointments. Just come in. 


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