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Men's Hair Trends 2020

01 Jul 2020
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We are loving that men's hair trends are moving to longer styles over extreme fades and shaves in 2020, and we love that so many fellas out there are ready to try something new! 

Whether you're the type of guy, who prefers keeping it short for a low maintenance look or the one who wants to embrace those longer locks we've got you covered. We've compiled a list of trending styles for you to try now! Plus, we've paired JUSTICE Professional products to help you style your hair after you've left the salon chair.



This Style Cut has popped up amongst many pro football players in Sydney at the moment. This look is easy to style but does require frequent maintenance to keep the high fade looking fresh. 

To style the longer top, we suggest using our classic Clay to help hold your hair in place. This product is excellent for everyday use and is perfect if you're new to the world of hair clays. You could also reach for Firm Gel if you want to create a more defined style or to add a bit of thickness to the hair on top.




Definitely a style for the more adventurous and works particularly well for mid-length hair, that is hair that reaches your jawline. We suggest rocking this look in the warmer months as you want to look more effortless cool than 'oops I forgot my umbrella in the middle of winter'. 
JUSTICE Professional Pomade has a firm hold and a wet finish, plus, helps to define the natural curls or wave in your hair, making it perfect for achieving the wet look.




Curly hair is back! No, we don't mean Justin Timberlake circa late 1990s to early 2000, ramen hair is not back. We're talking, natural, born with it texture and definition. 
To make your curls look their best, try JUSTICE Professional Curl Crème which enhances curls and reduces frizz.




The perfect Style Cut for a man who is all about no-fuss and doesn't mind a regular trip to see their Stylist. The key to keeping a buzz cut looking it's best is to have a healthy scalp.
JUSTICE Professional Scalp Treatment Shampoo contains zinc pyrithione, a proven anti-fungal to provide effective control of dandruff and other scalp conditions. Bye, bye, itchy scalp!



This style pays homage to a trend set back in the 1920s; the classics always come back in style! This look works well with short to mid-length hair and is perfect if you want to switch things up for date night or feel like keeping your hair slick.
JUSTICE Professional Firm Gel or Firm Clay are our go-to products for the centre part. Both have a stronghold factor but leave you with a slightly different finish. Firm Clay will give you a semi-shine while Firm Gel offers high shine. 


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