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An Easy Haircare Regime For Men

24 Apr 2020
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Caring for your head of hair doesn’t need to be a time consuming or costly process. From Style Cut to styling at home, check out these simple steps to make the most out of your hair.


The first step in your easy haircare regime is choosing a Style Cut you can look after and have the time to maintain! If you’re a simple guy when it comes to grooming, a trusty short style like a buzz cut is a great choice. If you’re on the trendier side, why not opt for a fade with a longer top? 


Good hair health starts at your scalp so it’s important to make sure your haircare regime starts from the foundation up. Understanding why shampoo, conditioner and treatments are important and how they work together will help you to create right the haircare regime for you and improve the health of your hair.
Shampoo removes the build-up of dirt, styling products and environmental debris from your hair. How often you need to shampoo depends on lifestyle factors (do you get your sweat on at the gym most days or need to wear a hard hat at work?), the condition of your scalp and how you treat your hair.
JUSTICE Professional Cool Mint Shampoo is the perfect scalp detox for both oily and dry hair. 

Conditioner is the next step and works to seal your hair up and lock in nutrients to make your hair look and feel healthy again. Conditioner works on the appearance of your hair to make it look smoother and shinier and also improves its health by sealing the hair cuticle to keep all the good stuff in, and the nasties out! Plus, it also strengthens the hair to prevent breakage.

JUSTICE Professional Cool Mint Conditioner hydrates your scalp & stimulates blood circulation.


Treatments are the perfect product for when your hair needs an extra boost and support your hair to improve the feeling, appearance and long-term condition. For example, if you’re prone to having a dry scalp caused by products or environmental factors, a regular treatment can help to restore your scalp and prevent damage from occurring.
JUSTICE Professional Scalp Treatment Shampoo combines cleansing & moisturising agents for an effective anti-dandruff treatment.



Depending on the style you want to achieve, choosing the right product can make the process all that much easier!
Gel products are great if you’re in a hurry and need to style wet hair. JUSTICE Professional Firm Gel has a strong hold factor and works on all hair lengths to keep it styled all day. 

Clays are an everyday product that you can use to mould your hair how you desire without taking too much time to use. JUSTICE Professional Clay has a medium hold and also contains fixing agents to create a humidity resistant film, perfect for keeping your hair in-place not matter the weather. If you want to take it up a notch, JUSTICE Professional Firm Clay contains Kaolin Clay to provide a firm hold and is great for adding definition and shaping to shorter styles. 


If you hate the shiny look, then Matte is the product you’ll be looking for. This paste also contains Kaolin Clay and provides a super strong hold to offer firm control and finish. Matte works on all hair types and locks moisture in the hair to prevent it from becoming dry.
If you’re wearing the salt and pepper look or have decided to embrace your grey hair, JUSTICE Professional Silver Styling Mousse can help you style your hair and maintain toned highlights, ash tones and grey hair. T


Combining all the tips from this 3-step guide will help you to create the right haircare and styling routine for you, now, what Style Cut will you get?


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