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Retiring multi-salon Just Cuts Owners reflect on 13 years of small business success

06 May 2021
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Just Cuts Owners Noel and Jenny Gregory have announced their retirement due to health reasons.

“Leaving our franchise family has definitely left a hole in our hearts,” said Noel

Noel and Jenny met through Just Cuts, with Jenny working in the Port Macquarie salon. They have now sold their 3 Australian salons to existing Owners within the network to focus on Noel’s recovery.

“We were talking one night and decided why work for them when you can own them?” said Noel. “We bought our first 3 salons together in one hit after being in a relationship for 6 months.”

Noel believes the ongoing longevity of the Just Cuts brand is due to its universal appeal.

“Hair trends are changing at the moment, particularly with shorter men’s hair,” adds Noel.

“We’re successful because we don’t just cater for one market or style, our brand strength is we serve Style Cuts for everybody. So we can adapt to any short term changes in Client styles.”

Noel’s number one tip for franchise success is to look after your people.

“If you look after your people they will look after your customers,” said Noel. “That’s the core challenge for any franchise owner. Secondly I would say follow your franchise system and operations manual, and thirdly use your network support to build a strong working relationship with landlords.”

Noel was an elected member of the Just Cuts Franchise Advisory Council for 12 years.

“I feel it’s crucial for us as Owners to combine our ideas because no one person has all the answers. That’s why the Just Cuts Academy and Owners collaborate so we come up with the best solutions. Working together as a network is critical to our mutual survival, we’re like a family,” adds Noel.

“I was able to sell my 3 salons in 3 weeks to 3 current Owners. It speaks volumes for the success of our brand that current Owners are eager to expand their portfolios. I leave Just Cuts proud knowing they’ll continue the successful salons Jenny and I built.”

Coming from different backgrounds, Noel says he and Jenny made the perfect business partners.

“We always believed we had the magic formula, with Jenny being a Stylist plus my small business ownership background – we complemented each other well,” said Noel.

Noel is most proud of helping his Stylists chart their own courses to becoming Just Cuts Owners.

“I sold one of my salons to my team leader at Grafton, Laura and her husband Wes bought it. She showed interest for two years and saved and I was happy to help her dream come true,” said Noel.

“Jenny and I were hands-on Owners who took an active role, even though we weren’t physically in the salons. It’s the relationships we built over 13 years in Just Cuts salons that I will miss the most.”


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More about Just Cuts

Just Cuts is an Australian hairdressing franchise that bridges the gap between a barber and a high end hair salon. With salons in every state of Australia, on both the North and South islands New Zealand and the United Kingdom, it is the largest hairdressing company in the Southern Hemisphere. Based on a fixed price, no appointment system, Just Cuts offers clients affordable haircuts from fully qualified hairdressers and performs over 100,000 Style Cut cuts per week across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Celebrating 30 years in 2020, Just Cuts was the brainchild of Denis McFadden, who turned a simple idea into a business concept that would change the hairdressing industry forever. McFadden ran his first ever “no appointment, $6 Style Cut” promotion at his humble Sydney salon, receiving an outstanding response from clients. It was on this basic fixed price initiative that the idea of Just Cuts was born. The following year, the inaugural Just Cuts salon opened its door to the public. And in 1990, the first Just Cuts franchise opened in the suburb of Engadine, in the south of Sydney, New South Wales. Our brand has continued to expand ever since, with over 220 locations across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

In 2013, Just Cuts launched JUSTICE Professional – a range of salon quality haircare and styling products available exclusively in all our salons at a competitive, affordable price. The JUSTICE Professional line has something for everyone, including everyday shampoos and conditioners, anti-dandruff and dry scalp treatments, toning products, nourishing leave-in treatments and a range of hair styling waxes and sprays.

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