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Hair salon helping to empower women

17 Sep 2020
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This article originally appeared in 'Western News' page 5: https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/64236632/western-news-september-17-2020


A HORNBY har salon has taken steps to help empower women entering the workforce in the wake of Covid-19.

In partnership with the Dress for Success charity, Just Cuts Hornby has launched a nationwide discounted haircut programme for women in need who are seeking employment during the pandemic. 

Dress for Success provides women with professional attire and career development tools in a bid to eliminate the unique obstacles they face while looking for work. 

Co-owner Angela Turner said the “crowning glory” feeling we experience after a trim is something people take for granted, especially in the current tough economic employment conditions. “Through Dress for Success, Just Cuts salons are supporting local women,” she said. “We’re providing affordable haircuts to give women a hand in new job interviews when so many have recently lost jobs.” 

The initiative is available at Just Cuts nationwide and was launched at Turner’s salon, and the vouchers were issued to women who accessed Dress for Success services.

The reality of many exprofessional women now re-entering the workforce, whether it was due to a partner losing their job or needing to switch industries, was a motivator behind the programme. “I know one woman with a pending job interview, she had budgeted for a haircut, but then needed to spend the money on a trip to the mechanic to fix her tyre,” said Turner. “Our vouchers meant she could afford a $20 Style Cut in one of our salons and she was nearly crying. It’s something so simple but it can mean so much.” 

Owners Angela and Michael Turner were grateful for the support of Cantabrians, especially post-lockdown, and were determined to give back to the community. “As a hairdressing business owner I’m lucky – the first two weeks post lockdown we were overwhelmed. We’d be turning people away by 2 pm and still be cutting clients at 9pm. We felt like rock stars,” she said. “But I do believe there is more to come for Christchurch. We’re reliant on tourism which won’t happen this Christmas, which means less foot traffic, less money and likely more job losses, particularly for women working in service industries like retail and hospitality.” 

She encouraged other women and businesses to get on board, by donating old work outfits to the charity at one of their four drop-off lockers in The Hub, Hornby. “Your 80s power suits with shoulder pads could boost another woman’s career confidence.”

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